The Balmain & H&M Collaboration

I have used Balmain Hair Extensions in my salon for almost eight years now. My favorite thing about Balmain Hair Extensions is that they are truly a one stop shop for hair extensions. They offer a variety of professional and ready to wear extensions suitable for almost anyone. My second favorite thing is that Balmain is Parisienne fashion house. Yep. Think of them as the Gucci of hair extensions. (Sorry Balmain, I know you hate it when I say that!) You can get their highend line in places like Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. Until recently, most Americans didn’t really know the brand.All that is about to change with the deal that just happened between Balmain and H&M. Balmain is posed to become a household name. I am curious what this new exposure will do to their hair extension line? It won’t be long before people make the connection that you can wear Balmain literally from head to toe!Here is the scoop on how Balmain as a brand is taking the world by storm. Social media posts and hashtags were off the charts when Olivier announced the collaboration of Balmain and H&M. These two fashion powerhouses had a lot of media buzz after the announcement and subsequent release of teasers in the form of Instagram photos and a video that shook the fashion world. The Instagram photos featured some of the best pieces from the collection and were taken up by fashion lovers to become trending topics.In the video Kendall Jenner, the face of Balmain and H&M was seen whipping and twerking the worlds hearts off. The sensational 19yearold model has been captioned as a star and sensation to the fashion world. Olivier has been quoted commending her support and soul for the industry. Her dancing caused a buzz, but her dressing was a sensation.The collection was showcased in a flashy red carpet event that included a lot of renown models and celebrities. The collection featured an array of 100 + sensational pieces that ranged from female to male clothing including shoes and accessories. The pieces are available on eBay or any H&M or Balmain store. These lovely pieces feature the intricate embroidery from H&M and the delicate feminine touch that is accorded to Balmain.Olivier, the designer for the collection, made an Instagram buzz posting the collections pieces. The designer made all the fashion pieces a grand social media statement with the #Balmainarmy trending to a storm. We have seen amazing collaborations with Balmain before, featuring some of the greatest designers in the fashion industry, all of which produced great fashion pieces that were immediately loved by the market.Of course, with the track record of these two fashion, we expect to see this collection on many celebrities and media personalities. These pieces are no doubt a unique statement that the entertainment industry will love. That, combined with the fact that these two legendary houses have dressed the most popular celebrities in the world, will most definitely be a great reason for us to see these pieces on them.The anticipation is building for what the Balmain, H&M collection will bring us next. It is a very unpredictable thing making it all the more exciting for fashion lovers all around the world. We, of course, expect a bigger surprise the next time. Many people are hoping for more of Kendall of course; she has built up quite a fanbase herself. The whole world is truly eager to see what Balmain and H&M are creating for us.I wonder how it will be before we see Kendall in Balmain Hair Extensions. My guess is not too long!

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