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For centuries women have loved long hair. In many cultures worldwide it is a sign of good health and wealth because it is hard to keep long hair clean, smooth and silky. It isn’t easy to grow long hair. For some women, hair, when it’s long, has the tendency to break, have split ends and damage the scalp. But, long hair isn’t a mirage, isn’t a dream or fortune reserved just for some women. The secret: hair extensions.

Extensions have been around for dozens of years. During the 1980’s it was very expensive to get hair extensions, we are talking about a very exclusive treatment that would take thousands of dollars out of your pocket. There were cheap options with synthetic hair, but the results were not the best and had complications arising down the road. By then, many women didn’t even know that hair extensions existed until someone would appear one day with a very long hair out of thin air. Nowadays, extensions for hair are easy to get. Mostly because, in the late 90’s, many celebrities opened up about the use of hair extensions. Hollywood stars have always used wigs, extensions and all kinds of things to enhance their beautiful hairs, but they have always tried to keep the issue very hush-hush and a very well kept secret from the general public. Since it became an open issue and stars from all kinds of entertainment begun talking about it, hair extensions have grown in popularity and prices have fallen down. It is the fashion trend of the moment; there are frequent new innovations, increased quality, and more options.